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How Dr. Inspired by her own beloved Siamese cat, named Skippy, author Judy Schachner created Skippyjon Jones, the Siamese kitten with big ears who believes he is a Chihuahua.

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The roguish rhymes are utterly addictive. My name is Skippito Friskito.

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I fear not a single bandito. My manners are mellow, I'm sweet like the Jell-O, I get the job done, yes indeed-o. Her other books, Bits and Pieces and The Grannyman , also feature los gatitos. Winner of a Caldecott honor, They All Saw a Cat is a book as much about science, art, and perception as it is about a cat.

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This is the fable of a decadent cat lord who has everything, until he has nothing — and the lessons he learns as a result. Based on a true story, this of-the-moment picture book is about a lost cat, Kunkush, but also the plight of Iraqi refugees trying to cross into Greece. Play media. Cats portal.

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    Digestion , 67 , Annual Review of Nutrition. Domestic cats. And, if your child isn't old enough for these tips yet, take a look at this helpful article: " Cats and Babies: Setting up for Success.

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