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In this situation, any difference in outcome between the groups must be caused by the specific effects. About clinical studies of homeopathic remedies are available to date. With that sort of number, one cannot be surprised that the results are not entirely uniform. It would be easy to cherry pick and select those findings that one happens to like and some homeopaths do exactly that.

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Yet, if we want to know the truth, we need to consider the totality of this evidence and weigh it according to its scientific rigour. This approach is called a systematic review. Over a dozen systematic reviews of homeopathy have been published. Almost uniformly, they come to the conclusion that homeopathic remedies are not different from placebo. Many homeopaths reluctantly accept this state of affairs but claim that their clinical experience is more important than the evidence from clinical trials.

And there is plenty of positive experience in homeopathy. Patients who consult homeopaths do get better, and observational studies have shown this ad nauseam.

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Homeopaths insist that this amounts to evidence which is more relevant than that from clinical trials. But is there really a contradiction? Experience is real, of course, but it does not establish causality. If observational data show improvements while clinical trials tell us that homeopathic remedies are placebos, the conclusion that fits all of these facts comfortably is straightforward: patients get better, not because of the homeopathic remedy but because of a placebo-effect and the lengthy consultation with a compassionate clinician. This conclusion is not just logical, it is also supported by data.

Homeopaths from Southampton recently demonstrated that the consultation not the remedy is the element that improves clinical outcomes of patients after seeing a homeopath.

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One of my teachers at medical school kept telling us: "Any treatment that does not harm patients cannot be all bad". As they contain no active ingredient, highly dilute homeopathic remedies are devoid of side effects.

So, from this perspective, homeopathy might still be OK. This is perhaps the most difficult issue in the debate about homeopathy; there are obviously reasonably good arguments either way. But before you make up your mind, consider the following points:. Placebo effects also tend to be small and short-lived. Either clinicians tell the truth i. All treatments come with the free bonus of a placebo effect as long as clinicians administer them with compassion and empathy.

So why only rely on part of the total therapeutic response? Is this not short-changing the patient? My personal journey in and out of homeopathy might be convoluted. I always knew that the homeopathic principles fly in the face of science. Yet I did see positive results and thought maybe there was some fundamental phenomenon to discover.

What I did discover was perhaps not fundamental but nevertheless important: patients can experience significant improvement from non-specific effects. This is why they get better after seeing a homeopath — but this has nothing to do with the homeopathic sugar pills. High crimes? Yet who is under investigation for colluding with Russia is acceptable? How could any Christian vote for someone who supports unrestricted abortion. That is the killing of unborn children. It is the shedding of innocent blood.

God hates the shedding of innocent blood. Trump was by far the better choice, despite his many obvious failings. Beside Hillary, Trump is a paragon of virtue! Do you know the difference in percentage of Democrats who get abortions and Republicans who get abortions? Most Abortion is not a political problem but a spiritual problem!

The church needs to police itself and stop playing politics! You replied to Wilson Ferris, but addressed your comments to me.

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I do not presume to speak for Mr Ferris, but I will reply to your post since my name is mentioned. I do agree with you that abortion has affected all Americans. While I could dispute your facts and figures, that would be missing the main point which is that you are correct in that the church in North America has fallen into serious moral decline. We have politicians who call themselves committed Catholics who support abortion on demand. The Catholic church says virtually nothing to admonish them. In Canada there is a Prime Minister who claims to be Catholic yet will not even allow any of his Liberal Members of Parliament to be pro life.

Similar situations exist within the Protestant Churches with some even taking a theological stance approving of the killing of these precious children. We should not be surprised when our young fall prey to the message of the world when such leadership within the church is so anemic, corrupt and cowardly.

They are providing real Christian leadership in these difficult days of serious moral decline in western culture.

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Rather than diss them, we should be thanking them for calling the church to repentance and real spiritual awakening. Is he perfect?


Are you or I perfect? Is any Is anyone perfect in this life? Contrary to what you, others and the small town poster think, following are a few of the things that have happened to Christians in America. Since the United States Supreme Court [SCOTUS] ruled erroneously I believe in that [religious instruction in public schools is a violation of the establishment clause and therefore unconstitutional.

This single ruling has created numerous behavioral and other changes in our society since; along with other SCOTUS decisions:. Where and when will it end? Christianity is under attack in the USA and worldwide. Our Judicial Branch of Government is against God as is Congress, the President and all the minions bureaucrats attached there to. Our government has overwhelmingly turned from God. Secular humanists have consistently denied the Judeo Christian foundation in the creation of the USA and its Constitution. The separation of church and state is a Christian doctrine, based on the teachings of Christ.

And while you can separate the church as an institution from the state just as you can separate the church and state from the institution of the family which is also established by God , you can not separate religion from politics. The only thing that draws them near is LOVE. Remember, He Himself refused to condemn the adulterous woman.

John —, especially verse 11 Why then do any of us imperfect beings think WE have the right to condemn anyone else for sin?

Control Your Depression, Rev'd Ed

What does love look like when you see a child playing on a street where cars are speeding by? What does love look like when you see your teen age daughter takes a toke? What does love look like when your friend wants to snort cocaine? Does love mean showing tolerance and letting them do it? Well said, Hiram Ben Cooper! I will say that Trump is a buffoon….. It was the biased lib-media who gave trump millions in free coverage because they knew, he was the only one that killary had a chance to beat….

And we ALL have to live with the consequences. Where the older you are, the more it will cost you?? You are also blaming Homosexuality on the seperation of church and state??? Wow, you are woefully uninformed. First, almost all the charges against Hillary have been proven time and again to be lies.

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There were no acts of treason, unlike the current potus who started committing it during his campaign. You may need to learn more history. You want one under attack in America, look up the hate crimes being committed against Muslim Americans. All around the country, children of faith, different faiths, gather to pray before school, after school, or choose to privatly and quietly do so during their study hours during school.

No one is stopping them.

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As for your assertions about this country being founded by Christian teachings, you know what it was mostly based on?? Just check it out in the history books and in the writings of the forefathers. They were all called her not by their faith, but because most of them were thrown out of where they came from due to religious persecution. You need to learn to stop your HATE, there is no room to hate in christianity. The separation of church and state is to keep the government from mandating following a state sposered beleifs.

If the Gay community is an idealology which could be seen as the state forcing someone to believe in said idealology religion above another where is the freedom there? No one who backed Trump? In order to call oneself a Christian should all of us have voted for Hillary, or should all of us just not voted? To have voted for Hilary would have been to support the unrestricted killing of unborn children; and that is to support the shedding of innocent blood.