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The show promotes itself as another Look-at-the-Freaks rubberneck series but that's a hard pill to swallow no pun intended when the show is taking the views of Hilton and Richie as the protagonists as they gawk at Midwestern country life with condescension and disbelief. Those that want to see nepotism get it's comeuppance will be horribly disappointed. In the end, the concept appears to be mute as nobody learns anything and Hilton and Richie gratefully go back to their lives.

Who's kidding who here? Then there is the show's biggest lumbering dinosaur of a problem: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The two are the most unlikable leads you could possibly imagine. If David Caruso and Jim Belushi where thrown on a farm together it wouldn't be as cringe-inducing.

Paris Hilton - Platinum Blonde (Full HQ Official Song) Lyrics On Screen

And I don't need my TV leads likable. Anti-heroes almost always make for more complex and interesting characters. But anti-heroes have personalities of their own - something Hilton and Richie sadly lack.

President Paris?

They are like pop culture sponges who have soaked up what the MTV culture has told them is cool and now spit their vapid, shameless personas back at us. Hilton, in particular, wears all the brand names she should, is rail thin and has long blonde hair. Not to be mean, but the girl puts herself together like an alien who had a general idea of what an attractive women looks like but horribly mangled the project in the details.

She sure as hell thinks she's something though. Richie doesn't come off as the disgusting pig Hilton does. But she's just as spoiled and lifeless. Her idea of being cool is to constantly say that everything and everyone is sexy. So saddle up the tumbleweeds, race on down to the swimming hole, wrap the tin foil around the rabbit years and check out Fox's view of middle America. Any serious discussion on the show's concept will rich girls be able to survive in the country?

It has the opportunity to play with a demographic 2 actually rarely seen on TV and be giddy, bubble gum fun in the process. Instead it is dully handed to us sounding like a cartoon and riddled with stereotypes. It all wraps up with over-the-top twangy narration by David Richards.

What You Don't Know About Paris Hilton

The show is constantly calling attention to itself with the goofy sounds of springs and slide whistles. This is the tacky, crude, devoid of imagination novelty that the Fox network has re-invented itself to be known for. Way to go, Gail. Obnoxious snobs get a "reality" show scottmar 28 January With a show like this it's hard to tell how much is actual reality and how much are scripted scenerios. Either way Paris and Nicole come off pretty bad.

They're totally rude and condesending to the towns people.


They get to run around like retards with no consequences. These two idiots obviously aren't the representative of what everybody is like in L. There's a wide variety of areas and people in Southern California. Nicole says she's never seen anything like the farm area she was on.

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I guess she's never traveled up the 5 north. Paris surely can't be so dense as to never have heard of Wal-Mart. Granted there's more K-Marts than Wal-Marts in Southern California, but still you think she would have at least heard of the company. A scathing commentary on the upper-class brats of society guyfromjerzee 12 August If this show were fiction, it would be considered a satire.

These girls are really this spoiled and really this conceited! I'm not a big fan of most reality shows. And for some good reason.

The show has an interesting premise. I'm sure all of us dreamt of watching rich people be forced to deal with the rigors of working-class life. It's the perfect venegance! Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie are living proof that the chances are 90 percent that a rich person wouldn't last one second living the simple life. Personally, it would be a dream for me to live in a small, quiet town where there's very little crime and everyone's friendly to one another. This is not exactly San Quentin we're talking about! But you'd be surprised how agonizing it could be for a spoiled rich daughter to have to endure life without a credit card.

In the show, the father of the family would make the girls do simple chores like feeding the chickens, and they would treat him like he was some Nazi general. What's wrong with exercising a little discipline? I mean, in one episode they're actually struggling to work at Sonic. Can you find an easier job than working at a fast food joint in the middle of Arkansas? I'm under the impression that the girls didn't have to face any responsibility growing up, which is pretty tragic.

The show also proves how uneducated these girls are. In an episode where the family is playing Trivial Pursuit, the girls are able to answer every question having to do with fashion in a snap.

Yet when they were asked who's the Secretary of State, they were totally clueless! I was also angered by the fact that just because the inhabitants of this small town are quiet and reserved, the girls acted like these people have problems and are all stuck-up. I wanted to stand up and cheer during the episode where the girls create an uproar at a local bar, and its female owner scolds them, saying that she doesn't care who they are--they have no business destroying her bar like that. I'm not going to lie that one of the things that lured me into the show was getting the chance to watch these two hot girls prance around in skimpy outfits.

But once I was lured in, I was repulsed after finding out how selfish and spoiled these two brats really are. My one minor disappointment about the show was the last episode in which everyone in the town was interviewed and said that despite the girls' lewd behavior, they really caught a liking to them. The whole time watching those interviews I kept wondering, "How much money are these people getting paid to say this stuff? You know damn well people aren't going to be nice to them there, no matter how famous they are.

And to finish off my review, I love that "Miss Hilton" song they play during every show. All in all, this is a great commentary on the upper-class, proving how cruel it is that the rich are getting richer. Is it me, or has Fox hit a new low? Now we all know that Fox puts on crap that requires no kind of thought. But this is retarded. A couple of rich girls from LA to a hick town in the Ozarks is the idea of this show. Are all LA girls this stupid, or are these particular girls retarded? I mean, they've never even heard of a Wal Mart, which are located all over the country.

Seems to me like Fox has run out of ideas, or ideas that work. If you want to see a couple of moronic girls, enjoy.

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Who is the Real Paris Hilton?

If you want to see something more amusing, watch something like "The Osbournes". Jim 4 June Nearly every review of the Simple Life misses its essence -- its a staged show. ALL reality shows are in fact staged, with a script. The "reality" part is a bit of improv. The Simple Life is just as staged as the Lucy show in that generation.

Most of the jokes are already written.